SPST (Schleifenbauer Products Service Tool) makes analysing and managing your network of Schleifenbauer PDUs and DPM energy meters easy and straightforward.

A clear view of your equipment and data buses

Get a schematic overview of your equipment and data buses with your own configured specifications. This can include, for example, the measurement data or location name. Even cases of a ‘broken ring’ will be immediately displayed on the interface overview.

Easily configure and adjust your Schleifenbauer equipment

You can install new firmware updates on several devices at the same time, or provide them with features and location data. This is extremely convenient and saves you real time in equipment management. Would you like to edit different data at the same time (mass configuration)? This is easily achieved with the (.xlsx) export/import function!

More info: https://schleifenbauer.eu/en/monitoring/