Deepen your technical knowledge with our white papers. Explore crucial topics such as surge protection in data centers, near zero voltage switching, and the ideal fuse type for Rack PDUs. Learn from our experts and stay ahead in the latest developments within the data center industry. Download now for practical insights and directly applicable knowledge.

Whitepaper Surge Protection in Your Data Centre

Surges can cause serious damage and jeopardize operational continuity. Our latest whitepaper, “Surge Protection in Your Data Centre,” provides crucial insights into safeguarding your equipment and data. In this whitepaper, you will discover: – The dangers of surges and their impact on data centres. – How to implement effective surge protection. – Practical tips and strategies to shield your data centre from unexpected voltage spikes. Download our whitepaper and learn how to secure your data centre against the perils of surges. Schleifenbauer is ready to assist you in implementing the appropriate security measures for your valuable equipment.


Whitepaper Near-Zero-Voltage Switching in Datacentres

Inrush currents, although brief, can be much higher than expected, and even higher than the manufacturer suggests. Smart switching can significantly limit these high inrush currents, and the technique that enables this is Near Zero Voltage Switching, abbreviated as N-ZVS. In our latest whitepaper, “N-ZVS: Near Zero Voltage Switching in Data Centres,” we share essential insights into this technology and the benefits it offers: – Understand what Near Zero Voltage Switching is and why it is crucial. – Discover how N-ZVS can reduce inrush currents. – Learn how N-ZVS can contribute to better Power Quality, less grid pollution, and improved EMC behavior. Download our white paper and discover how Near Zero Voltage Switching can optimize your data center. Schleifenbauer is ready to support you in implementing this energy-saving and efficiency-improving technology.


Whitepaper Which type of fuse should be used in a Rack PDU?

Selecting the right fuse for your Rack PDU is of paramount importance for safeguarding your equipment and data. Our whitepaper assists you in this critical decision. In the whitepaper, you will learn: – The different types of fuses and their functions. – How to choose the appropriate fuse based on your power requirements. – Why selecting the right fuse is crucial for equipment protection. Download our white paper today and make the correct fuse choice for your Rack PDU. At Schleifenbauer, we are ready to support you on the path to a secure and reliable power supply.

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