Schleifenbauer invests in new assembly line for small series of rack PDUs.

Schleifenbauer investeert in nieuwe assemblagelijn voor kleine series rack-PDU’s


Schleifenbauer – producer of rack PDUs and energy meters – last week started up a new assembly line in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. The new assembly line is specifically designed for small series of rack PDUs, demos and prototypes.


This expansion, together with the current assembly line at partner HARTING Benelux, increases the total production capacity and makes the production process more efficient.

Jos Janssen, head of sales & marketing: “More and more customers are asking us for smaller series of PDUs, or a demo or prototype. What’s more, we regularly uncover market opportunities ourselves where we want to apply innovation and product development. This, combined with our growth and the increasing demand for our products, makes it increasingly challenging to produce such small production numbers quickly and to get them to the customer.”

Managing director Alain Schuermans adds: “Our regular assembly process is geared more and more towards efficiency and the production of larger batches of PDUs, so as to meet our production times and deliveries to our customers. Because we are now able to work from two assembly locations, each with its own work process and its own objective, it offers several advantages. It enables us, on the one hand, to create even greater efficiency and speed in the production of large series and, on the other, to respond quickly and adequately to much smaller scale customer requests.”

The new assembly facility was built at Schleifenbauer’s own production site in
’s-Hertogenbosch and remains under the company’s own management, thus offering quick and ‘hands-on’ communication with the engineering, production and sales teams.

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