Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Intelligent Management

Enhance the functionality of your PDU by opting for optional external sensors. Schleifenbauer offers an advanced temperature and humidity sensor for intelligent monitoring. With the ability to add additional sensors, such as a water leakage sensor, via binary inputs for potential-free contact, your PDU is customized to specific needs.

All intelligent power distribution units from Schleifenbauer support the integration of our temperature and humidity sensor. This enables administrators to remotely monitor temperature and humidity levels. Setting threshold values allows administrators to identify critical levels and take proactive measures. This prevents system failures and ensures the highest level of availability for all mission-critical equipment. Make your PDU intelligent and proactive with our advanced sensor technology.

Surge Protection in Your Data Centre

The likelihood of your data centre being struck by lightning is increasing. Download the whitepaper and you will be well-prepared at the very least!

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