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At Schleifenbauer, we understand the critical importance of efficiency and sustainability in modern data centres. That’s why we proudly present our innovative packaging-free PDUs, engineered to be hung directly in server racks without the waste of packaging materials.

Schleifenbauer’s Packaging-Free PDUs – Plug & Play for Your Data Centre

At Schleifenbauer, we recognize the critical importance of efficiency and sustainability in modern data centres. Introducing our groundbreaking packaging-free PDUs, developed in collaboration with Daroni Logistics. These PDUs are designed to hang directly in your server rack, eliminating unnecessary packaging and streamlining installation. Ideal for data centres committed to high performance and minimal environmental impact.

Why Choose Schleifenbauer’s Packaging-Free PDU Service?

  1. Ready to Use: Our PDUs arrive without excess packaging, ensuring immediate installation in your data centre. No time wasted on unpacking or preparation.
  2. Sustainability: By opting for packaging-free delivery, you reduce waste and support sustainable practices. Schleifenbauer is your partner in creating a greener future.
  3. Plug & Play Installation: Designed for effortless integration, our PDUs are ready for immediate use in your server rack. This saves valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on managing your data centre efficiently.

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