Eagle Eye Networks chooses Schleifenbauer as PDU supplier

Cloud-based video security

More and more companies are moving away from local servers and local data storage. Virtually all modern software runs in the cloud and the same is expected of the security sector. Offering ‘security as a service’ means that companies no longer need to own or maintain their own servers. This all comes as part of a customer subscription with Eagle Eye Networks and the costs are based on the number of cameras and storage capacity required.

Eagle Eye Networks has its own infrastructure and servers that are secured in accordance with the highest cybersecurity standards. If required, all data will remain in Europe or even within the Netherlands, and is monitored and managed 24/7.

Collaboration between Eagle Eye Networks and Schleifenbauer

Schleifenbauer’s PDUs are adapted to meet the data centre’s infrastructure and not the other way round. Our configuration and production process can be compared with Lego™: With a limited number of building blocks, we can create an unlimited number of final products.

This method and approach was a perfect match for the needs and requirements of Eagle Eye Networks, which was looking for the ideal PDUs for its data centres. Schleifenbauer has been a partner in the development and supply of rack PDUs for the data centres of Eagle Eye Networks since 2020.

Jos Janssen, head of sales and marketing at Schleifenbauer: “The challenge from Eagle Eye Networks was to create a solution that optimised the use of the full rack capacity. Developing a rack PDU that is completely adapted to the infrastructure made this possible. We have delivered the first series of PDUs, equipped with 30 C13 outputs, fully in-line with the customer requirements. In the near future, we will come together with the customer to identify what their specific needs are for the various data centres and will develop yet another suitable solution at a competitive price".

Tijmen Vos, Technical Director at Eagle Eye Networks: “Schleifenbauer was recommended to us by one of our data centre partners, as we were looking for a custom PDU solutionvto fit our needs. With Schleifenbauer’s help, Eagle Eye Networks can now design the perfect PDUs that match the requirements exactly. This allows us to fully optimise our use of the rack space and keep the purchase price as low as possible for our customers."

About Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks is an international cloud-based video management platform. The company aspires to become the world’s largest provider of cloud video surveillance. Their headquarters are located in Austin, Texas (United States) and the EMEA office is in Amsterdam. Eagle Eye Networks operates in more than 80 countries with 12 data centres and 200 employees. Please visit their website for more information on Eagle Eye Networks: https://www.een.com.

More information

Would you like more information about this collaboration, or are you interested in Schleifenbauer’s products and services in energy measurement and power distribution? Then please visit our website or contact our sales team at info@schleifenbauer.eu.

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