Clear insight into your PDUs and Energy Meters,
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Discover the possibilities of our management and monitoring tools.


Access to concrete facts is crucial in making the right choices. In addition to hardware, Schleifenbauer also offers you the software needed to provide this insight.

See what we can do for you in the area of monitoring, analysing and managing your PDUs and energy meters.

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Discover the possibilities of SPST

Analyse and manage your Schleifenbauer PDUs and Energy Meters.

SPST for optimised insight into your Schleifenbauer products
SPST (Schleifenbauer Products Service Tool) makes analysing and managing your network of Schleifenbauer PDUs and DPM Energy Meters easy and straightforward.

A clear overview of your equipment and data buses
Get a schematic overview of your equipment and data buses with your own configured specifications. This can include, for example, the measurement data or location name. Even cases of a ‘broken ring’ will be immediately displayed on the interface overview.

Easily import/export information and data (mass configuration).
The device list option provides you with a spreadsheet containing your PDUs and Energy Meters. The option of installing new firmware updates on multiple devices at the same time is extremely convenient and saves you real time in managing your data centre. Would you like to edit different data at the same time? This is easily achieved with the (.xlsx) export/import function.

Would you like us to have a look? No problem!
If you are experiencing an issue, you can share it with us directly using the 'Support' option in SPST. Our service department will immediately receive the files it needs to trace your error and help you resolve the issue.

Laptop with statistics
Laptop with statistics

Support for Schleifenbauer PDU & DPM Energy Meter

Available for MacOS, Windows & Linux

Quickscan of the status of your databusses

Upgrade firmware in a very easy and simple way

Remotely mass configure your databus device

Decrease problem solving lead time

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Integration into your
DCIM platform

User-friendly monitoring of your PDUs and Energy Meters

Your data is straightforward and insightful.

Your PDU data is integrated into your own environment. Communication is possible via various protocols, such as SNMP (v1, v2c and v3), Modbus and API. Integration is possible in well-known DCIM platforms such as Perf-iT, Schneider InfraStruxure Manager, Sunbird DCIM and iTRACS.