The measurements on your PDU provide insight into energy flows and enable you to manage them. You can read measurements locally or remotely via the databus. Schleifenbauer has made its bus redundant. A single cable interruption will not affect the readings or control of the PDUs; it will attempt to access via the alternative route on the ring.

Intelligence for Optimal Performance

By opting for intelligence in your Power Distribution Unit (PDU), you are making the right choice for precise measurements and optimal performance.

23%: Measurement of your PDU at Any Desired Level

Choosing intelligence (measurement) in your PDU means you can customize the measurements at various levels: per phase (input), per group (branch), or per outlet (output).

Common Reasons for Measuring PDU Consumption

  1. Infrastructure Monitoring: Infrastructure Monitoring
  2. Customer Billing: Billing consumption to customers, especially relevant in colocation scenarios.
  3. Balancing Consumption: Optimising consumption on the A/B feed to ensure redundancy in case of failure.

Near Zero Voltage Switching in your Data Centre

Inrush currents in data centers can be unexpectedly high, but Near Zero Voltage Switching (N-ZVS) can significantly mitigate them. The white paper “N-ZVS: Near Zero Voltage Switching in Data Centers” provides insights into N-ZVS, including its benefits such as reducing inrush currents, improving Power Quality, reducing network pollution, and enhancing EMC behavior. Schleifenbauer supports the implementation of this energy-saving technology to optimize data centers.

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