PDU with Switchable and Metered Outlets

Experience reliable power distribution and advanced energy metering at total PDU, branch and individual outlet level as well as individual remote outlet switching with our advanced Managed PDU. This PDU provides precise insights for the IT equipment in your data centre. Move away from standard catalogue PDUs and discover customised energy solutions! Let us know your requirements, and we will design the perfect Managed PDU for your project at no additional cost.

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Measured and Switchable Outlets


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Near Zero Voltage Switching in your Data Centre

Inrush currents in data centers can be unexpectedly high, but Near Zero Voltage Switching (N-ZVS) can significantly mitigate them. The white paper “N-ZVS: Near Zero Voltage Switching in Data Centers” provides insights into N-ZVS, including its benefits such as reducing inrush currents, improving Power Quality, reducing network pollution, and enhancing EMC behavior. Schleifenbauer supports the implementation of this energy-saving technology to optimize data centers.

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