Innovative PDUs for AI and HPC: Flexibility and Sustainability at Schleifenbauer

In the dynamic world of data center infrastructure, high-performance computing (HPC), AI infrastructure, Nvidia DGX SuperPOD, and other whitespace communities, you emphasize the importance of flexibility, precision, and innovation in your systems. At Schleifenbauer, we are committed to meeting your unique needs with tailor-made PDUs, fully customizable and without minimum order quantities. Whether it’s cloud infrastructure, edge computing, quantum computing, or converged infrastructure, our solutions are designed to meet the ever-changing demands of modern IT environments.

Custom-Made PDUs for Modern IT Environments

Our PDUs offer a wide range of variants, including 1- and 3-phase options, as well as configurations of 10A, 16A, 32A, and 63A. Whether you need custom cables, plugs, output configurations, or phase distributions – including alternating phases for ideal load balance in your server rack – Schleifenbauer PDUs can meet your needs. Additionally, there are integration possibilities for surge protection and residual current sensors, along with laser engraving for logos and power indications.

Variety of Options for Your Needs

With intelligent features such as energy measurement at various levels and remotely controllable outputs, our PDUs offer unparalleled control and insight. Furthermore, our PDUs feature their own web interface and compatibility with all DCIM protocols, including Daisy-chain capability for up to 50 PDUs on one IP address.

Intelligent Design for Optimal Performance

Experience the difference with Schleifenbauer PDUs, where custom-made innovation meets. Located in the heart of Europe’s data center hub, the Netherlands, Schleifenbauer takes pride in locally producing all our products. We are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our production process, sourcing raw materials and components from the Netherlands and neighboring countries to minimize our ecological footprint.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

We understand the importance of sustainability in the data center industry and are committed to helping data centers achieve their environmental goals. For example, we offer packaging-free delivery options to reduce waste, and our PDUs are designed to measure and optimize energy usage in data centers through comprehensive energy measurement.

With our flexibility and dedication to sustainability, we aim to be a valuable partner in helping data centers achieve their environmental goals while ensuring reliable and efficient power distribution.

Experience the difference with Schleifenbauer PDUs, where custom-made innovation meets and reliable power distribution is guaranteed.

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