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Located at the heart of all European data center hubs, specifically in the Netherlands, our PDUs have been crafted since 2008 using local components, paving the way for a seriously green power distribution unit. We recognise the unique nature of each project and underscore the importance of tailored solutions. Our distinguishing factor lies in delivering bespoke PDUs and Inline meters at no extra cost and with super-fast delivery times, even with a minimum order of just one unit. Our intelligent energy meters and switching hardware are carefully developed in-house to seamlessly align with the requirements of your data center or project, with a focus on efficiency and seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

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ISO 9001: As an ISO 9001-certified company, we assure you of high-quality standards in all our processes and services. Our commitment to the international standard for quality management ensures a consistent and reliable service, with customer satisfaction at the forefront. Discover the added value of collaborating with a company that meets the strictest standards in quality and efficiency.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness: These are central to our company ethos. We take pride in our EcoVadis sustainability certification, which acknowledges our dedication to a greener future. Our focus lies in ethics, labor rights, sustainable local procurement, and the use of eco-friendly materials. We aim for minimal environmental impact by local manufacturing and offering packaging-free delivery as an option for your data center. Our approach yields significantly reduced environmental footprint, and we remain committed to sustainable practices across all our operations.

Dutch craftsmanship: Schleifenbauer is renowned for its flexibility and high-quality craftsmanship in the field of PDU’s. We help you quickly and efficiently, without keeping stock of off-the-shelf portfolio PDU’s to avoid waste and storage. Our engineering team develops the PDU intelligence entirely in-house. Using a super-fast laser, we cut your chosen design from aluminium, allowing us to quickly assemble the desired components into your PDU thanks to our extensive stock. We also customise the cables and plugs, and our experienced assembly staff accurately connect the electrical wiring and components in the PDU.

Reliability: Our PDU’s have proven to be the most reliable on the market, with an unparalleled low RMA rate. Each PDU is handcrafted and undergoes a rigorous testing process in our advanced production facility. This dedication ensures the highest quality and precision in every detail of our PDU’s.

Private labeling and branding: Option for private labeling and branding without minimum order requirements. Inquire with our specialists for possibilities. Schleifenbauer makes your vision a reality.

Meet our experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to crafting the finest Power Distribution Units every day!<br>

Meet our experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to crafting the finest Power Distribution Units every day!

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We operate with short communication lines to meet your needs. Our dedicated team is here to support you in various languages, including Dutch, English, and German. We understand that effective communication is essential, and we ensure that you can comfortably express yourself in the language of your choice.

From dedicated Sales & Consultants to qualified Software and Hardware Engineers, most of our team members have over 25+ years of experience in both IT and Sales.

At Schleifenbauer, we combine artisanal craftsmanship, flexibility, and multilingual support to provide you with the very best PDU solutions. We are your trusted partner for all your PDU needs and are ready to assist you.

Choose Schleifenbauer and experience the future of data center energy management, tailor-made to your specific requirements.

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