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Select your PDU in a few steps Make a selection based on the nominal wiring, fases and function. 100% Follow these next steps: Make a selection based on the nominal wiring, fases and function. Select a PDU that is according to your specifications Instantly add the product to your quotation, or change the specifications to […]

Quotation request Currently we are working on a new productconfigurator. In the meantime, please fill in the quotation form below. Name * Company name * Company address * Email * Phone number * VAT Product categoryProduct categoryPDUEnergy Meter – DPM3Monitoring – SPSTMonitoring – DCIMCurrent TransformersSensors Rated current 16 A 32 A Phases 1 3 Function […]
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Customer cases View here an overview of our customer cases. Every day we try to create the best situation in the data centres of our customers and clients with our PDUs and Energy Meters. Below we show some customer cases to you.

Media Watch our animations and videos Animation – PDU Hybrid Mode Animation – PDU Ethernet Mode Animation – PDU Bridged Mode Schleifenbauer Products Service Tool (SPST) – Manage Your Interfaces Schleifenbauer Products Service Tool (SPST) – Mass Configuration Schleifenbauer DCMS (powered by Perf-IT) Animation – Schleifenbauer IEC-lock Animation – Schleifenbauer Definilink Schleifenbauer PDU’s The making […]